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    The intelligent use of technology in libraries is a big issue. We must address this aspect of learning and how it supports the academic, public and special library communities.

    The WordPress tool is a good resource that Aaron Cohen Associates (ACA) will use to learn about developing web services for libraries. We are seeking the development of a digital world and a blended environment. The new and interactive library, with services that deliver these types of tools, is important for the future of information and intelligence. Electronic tools  are important for libraries to explore as new services. However, they are disruptive to the physical space, requiring new types of interfaces.

    We are interested in how the physical space interacts with learning and what tools people need to grow. ACA will use WordPress to create a library of library plans. We will include our research on libraries, technology, behavior, work flow, services, demographics, geographic and space measurements for library buildings.

    The first link is our own research page. This page is updated every three months …

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