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    The Children’s Library

    Virginia A. Walter’s article, “The Children We Serve.”

    The examples of different types of children who should be served:

    the child as reader
    the child in the information age
    the child in the community
    the global child
    the empowered child

    what about the gamer child..
    “In everything bad is good for you” (Riverhead, 2005), Steven Berlin Johnson contends that video game players create new skills. In fact, many experience high levels of virtual decision-making that improve cognitive abilities.

    Each child should have access to a myriad of learning spaces – blended with books, computers, notes, cell phones and calculators.

  • Library Planning Research

    new ideas in library service

    It is interesting to see the changing going on in ‘library as place’ – the Netflix library has arrived at the Hayward Public Library.

    $2,99 – three items a month
    $4,99 – five items a month
    $8.99 – ten times a month
    There are no late fees…

    According to the Library Hotline, November 16, 2009 – “The Fines Free Library Loan program, the first of its kind, aims to lure back library users who find their accounts blocked, that is 20% of total users give up on the library.” The program estimates just 2% of the public would have to join the program for the library to receive significant income from circulation.

    Have we moved into the age where the cost of circulating a book can be turned into a net gain?