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    LLAMA LOMS – Donald Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation

    Donald Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation for assessing training effectiveness is a useful model for organizational development (OD). The evaluation (reactions, learning, transfer, results) is a good approach to conceptualizing the project and the outcome.

    LLAMA LOMS is a good group to discuss organizational development (OD). It is a dynamic group that discusses current issues and longer term plans for OD.

    LLAMA LOMS activities are at each ALA convention. The groups discuss current events, history and the organizational culture of libraries.

    ACA is a representative for the “library as place.” We are concerned with strategic planning, organizational development and library space plans. The strategic planning process is a useful way to integrate OD in the long term.

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    Evaluation Methods for Library Space

    There are complex, complicated and simple library building projects. Our clients typically ask us:

    • How much space do we need?
    • How much does it cost?
    • How long will it take?
    • How many stakeholders should we interview?
    • How satisfied are the stakeholders?
    • ACA’s approach incorporates a quantitative analysis of library services and operations. This is done with a series of survey instruments that capture customer data (visits, temperature, humidity control, # of seats, # of computers, # of staff, type & # of collections). The outcome is a building program of library services including user seating, collection, staff and operations.

      This blog is focused on the Narrative Evaluation of Library Space, Services and Operations.

    • Complex Areas of Research:

        E-resources and E-tools, Curriculum Development, Collection Development.
    • Chaotic Areas of Research:

        Technologies that Transform Learning and Education Environments.
    • Simple Areas of Research:

        ACA’s Best Practices in Library Building Planning.
    • Complicated Areas of Library Research:

        Analysis of Building Designs, Space Plan, Flow and Use of Resources.