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    Transforming Research Libraries

    The Research Library needs to adapt to the current needs of the community. It’s first objective as Peter Drucker points out is to the customer.

    The Association of Research Libraries is a good place to start a search. One link that supports an understanding of the changes and challenges is is entitled “Transforming Research Libraries.”

    The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) developed “Value of Academic Libraries: A Comprehensive Research Review and Report.” Developed for the association by Megan Oakleaf of the iSchool at Syracuse University.

  • Library Planning Research

    Germaine Greer – her love for the “library as place”

    The value of a library is an important part of the building process. Greer states in her 06.09.10 Arts Comment in the Guardian Newspaper that we have to value library spaces. She proposes – “think of libraries as a cluster of services rather than as buildings; as such they are some of the most beautiful built spaces on earth.”

    Germaine Greer points out that younger people are more comfortable with the library. They don’t have expectations for thousands of books. They just want a space that is modern with power and wireless connectivity.

    The “library as place” concept includes the idea of the library as an Oasis. We support the notion that the library is the best place for literacy classes, language courses and computer literacy classes. We have to continue to rethink the “library as place.” Greer explains that “as the era of the book draws to a close, we must keep our libraries and their contents together as cultural entities in themselves…the core job of a local library is to acquire and conserve letters, diaries, books (especially books with marginalia by local celebrities), plans, minutes, parish records, maps, local newspaper and pamphlets, posers and photographs. In an overcrowded, muzak-infested, video-saturated world, a reading room is an oasis, to which we may all repair, even if it is only to read a newspaper.”