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    Digital Library Volenteers: New Library Services: Digital Repository Building

    The National Library of Finland is a creative enterprise. They have a new library service to improve digital collections. The library started a project call Digitalkoot a mashup of digital content and volunteer participation that builds bibliographic data for digitized collections. It is truly an innovative concept that will serve to share NLF digital collections with more and more patrons.

    Digitalkoot, a project run by the National Library of Finland will index the library’s collection by participating in online games. The project will make e-resources searchable on the Internet via crowd-sourcing technology. The project goal is to allow everyone to easily access the National Library of Finland’s cultural heritage.

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    Building a Library high-risk, high-stakes situations…

    The art of managing a library building project is complex. It is an opportunity to review the library’s overall strategy for service delivery.

    According to Harvard Business Review, Extremis Negotiation

    “Strategy 1: Get the Big Picture”

    “Start by soliciting the other person’s or group’s point of view. Use what you learn to shape the objectives of the negotiation and to determine how you’ll achieve them.”

    “Strategy 2: Uncover and Collaborate”

    “Learn the other party’s motivations and concerns. Propose multiple solutions and invite your counterparts to improve on them. ”

    “Strategy 3: Elicit Genuine Buy-In”

    “Use facts and the principles of fairness, rather than brute force, to persuade others. Arm them with ways to defend their decisions to their critics, and create useful precedents for future negotiations.”

    “Strategy 4: Build Trust First”

    “Deal with relationship issues head-on. Make incremental commitments to encourage trust and cooperation.”

    “Strategy 5: Focus on Process”

    “Consciously change the game by not reacting to the other side. Take steps to shape the negotiation process as well as the outcome.”

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    New Service Models for Libraries

    Long Island University has an Ipad project that allows a new student to receive an IPAD. It is very impressive to hear that Universities are adapting education to meet the needs of today’s students.

    From a library perspective, the integration of Ipad-like tools will no doubt change the learning environments. In the “Truth Be Told: How College Students Evaluate and Use Information in the Digital Age,” the study found that most college students are daunted by starting and defining their research. It also found that students often use library resources, but not services.

    Apple is a good example of the convergence between “digital services” and “library as place” – They have found the happy medium between self service (online) and self service PLUS (staff reference support/genius bar/training). The IPAD project will create new modalities in learning, requiring the library to adapt new services to be effective.