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    The Economics of Ebooks

    Readers are taking advantage of the rapid expansion of digital technology and starting to use digital books or e-books. The attached diagram illustrates the projected growth of digital books. Indeed, the library’s ability to provide new digital reader services is a key to the future institution. As you can see in the image below, publishers and content providers are moving toward more digital book releases.

    Property: Albert N. Greco, Institute for Publishing Research
    Property: Albert N. Greco, Institute for Publishing Research

    Some companies have started to leverage e-books in new ways. For example, Overdrive is looking to provide new ways to distribute digital / e-book service. Harper Collins is putting a restriction on using digital resources. This will be a trend to control library use, but also illustrates how libraries will be a valued venue to promote and market new titles to the community. This momentum will undoubtedly ensure that libraries are part of the marketing mix.

    Below illustrates how the economics of ebook is different and how digital only copies will be difficult to market. The publishing industry should note that new ways to market their products are in their neighborhood public library. They should look for ways to partner with libraries to widen their appeal.

    origionally published in the WSJ
    origionally published in the WSJ
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    Our team helps craft the vision for the library through an analysis of patterns and trends, conducting visioning sessions, leading scenario planning workshops, developing business cases, and improving work and business processes.

    During one of these workshops, Michael Keller, University Librarian, Stanford developed a new kind of learning lab – a place where students and faculty no longer relied on print books and journals. Mike’s intention was to have librarians working closely with faculty and researchers in their interactive classrooms and learning labs.

    In “The Stanford Innovation Juggernaut,” there is great praise for Mike Keller’s knowledge as a librarian and innovator. To learn more about Mike Kellers innovations – click here.