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    The Library and Learning in the Age of the MOOC

    Planning the future library and learning organization requires new ideas. Concepts that will take advantage of new and different types of learning opportunities. MOOC’s ( massive open online courses) are a good example of how the landscape of learning will change in the next ten years. The online courses will enable students to learn from professionals anywhere with a connection, extending the reach of libraries.

    According to College of Future Could Be Come One, Come All, “the arc of Professor evolution, from professor in a lecture hall to online instructor of tens of thousands, reflects a larger movement, one with the potential to transform higher education” — subsequently changing the library service model, educational programs and learning organizations. MOOC’s are an example of how there will be new ways to enhance education and culture.

    The value to library and education professionals; organizations that can take advantage of MOOC’s can be achieved in two ways.

    1. Providing access to courses online through the library web sites or web presence.
    2. Providing access to MOOC courses in the library building or resource center (specialized space for collaborative learning).

    Three existing MOOC examples help define the beginning of a movement that will surely expand. Planning a new library? – Here are a few MOOC connections to explore.

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