This could be the year of e-textbooks – how does this affect library design?

A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the progress of E-Textbooks states that CourseSmart now offers up to 7,150 titles. According to the article that’s over half of the most popular textbook titles.

Library buildings need to incorporate new types of learning spaces into their design for it to meet a 20 year planning goal. The reality that we are living in a blended learning environment that continues to require more spaces for electronic learning. Indeed, the article states that “the increased awareness and availability of e-textbooks could make this a watershed year for the format-which has held only 2% to 3% of the market until now, according to the National Association of College Stores.”

Our mission is to make sure library buildings are equipped with enough spaces to support “e-learning.” The identification of new library technology is important for space planning, circulation, zoning, access, social and educational progress.

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