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Learning About How Libraries Are Changing

It is normal for the community to question whether a library needs to grow, move or be reduced in size.  Libraries are transforming from print spaces into learning spaces.  The challenge is to build on the strengths of the library as a tool for learning and research support.  There are two areas where librarians are making a big impact:

1.  Embedded Librarianship
2.  Information Literacy

Embedded Librarianship is the integration of knowledge resources (people and online services) within a research program.

Information Literacy is locating research (general and specific) and making it available to the library’s community.

Both strategic service areas enable the library community to thrive and grow.

We are researching how libraries are transforming their environments to support their communities.  We want to learn how to make libraries reflective spaces, collaborative and social gathering centers of knowledge.

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