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What’s next for the Libray – Photovoltaics atrium

Most library projects include architectural innovations. The latest innovation to be explored is the “Photovoltaics atrium.” Onyx Solar developed a system that will generate 8.000 kwh per year. According to Onyx “the reconstruction of San Antons Market, in the very center of Madrid. In this project, they have installed a 1,808 Sq Ft photovoltaic atrium, which has been designed in a toothed saw shape and consist of 54 semitransparent photovoltaic glass of 8.2 x 3.9 Ft. The glass panes add an air chamber to improve the thermal insulation, furthermore, thanks to the 20 % semi transparency of the glass, natural light come in the premises and, at the same time, filter UV and Ultraviolet Radiation.”

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