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Thinking about libraries in new ways

The library of the future is going to be a collection of activities and books.  The book technology may change from being clay tablets to e-books.  However, learning activities are the core of any library.

When we design new libraries, we look at potential learning activities.  We examine the combinations of functions from technology to books to learning spaces. These learning activities may use print journals or computers.  The combination of access to intellectual stimulation and space, enabling us to have experiences that enrich our lives.

Charlie Bennett, an academic librarian at Georgia Tech, delivered a poetic Tedx talk.  He talked about what libraries offer and the value of thinking in new ways about technology and service.  He explored the history of libraries and the factors that lead to the development of learning spaces.  If you would like to be inspired, take 10 mins and listen here to the TED TALK LIBRARIAN.

Below is a picture of a GT library / learning space.  What does the next generation library look like?IMG_4457



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Visualizing the Library of the Future

NC State developed a wonderful video for their new library project. The video shows all of the different programmatic components required for a modern academic library including socializing, preservation and late night study.

Librarians can develop a proactive position when facing the future. Review this video to reflect and visualize the types of interactions and technology that can be in a library.

In a world of homogenized choices, the library can be the space where your community can feel truly fulfilled in their quest for knowledge, enlightenment, entertainment and connection to others.

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The economic impact of libraries

Our team is always trying to measure the economic impact of library services. It is notoriously difficult once you get beyond broad benefits and try to pin down the actual numbers.

A new research report from Australia on the socio-economic impact of libraries, Dollars, Sense and Public Libraries, has been published, commissioned by the library network for the state of Victoria.

It uses an economic model that gets as close as anyone can to demonstrating the real economic value of public libraries. Its findings will be of interest to public libraries in the USA, UK and beyond. Please use this quantifiable economic data to back up fund raising strategies. Outlining the value of library services is very important to our profession and society.

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Future Thinking: Academic Libraries

Additional research on the subject of academic libraries – Futures Thinking for Academic Librarians: Higher Education in 2025

library learning spaces

library learning spaces

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Functions of the Library Future

In the future, augmented reality activities will affect library design. The development of enhanced environments will be an opportunity to integrate new products.

Augmented Reality is an example of innovation that should be taken into account during planning. The new technology will require new spaces and equipment. Click below to learn about the future from Sarah Houghton-Jan.

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