Library Planning Research

A Library’s Purpose in Changing Times

A library’s purpose will naturally change as cultures and technologies shift. The life cycle of a physical building is typically 20 years, but information technology, web sites, marketing plans and communication need constant updating. That means that all libraries need to develop a program statement and list of service improvements that they can build on. The digital component of a library has been brought into stark relief due to recent events; it should be a part of all libraries’ future planning.

As a library planning team with many years of experience, we know how to plan for innovation – whether it is the building itself, or a transformation of collections, services and staff. We facilitate the process with a series of community engagement meetings and workshops. We lead staff and stakeholders in an inclusive process that uncovers what library services you can deploy within your community.

In times of change such as this, the library can become a virtual haven. The New York Public Library is seeing a spike in E-book downloads. Libraries are offering digital services for people of all ages, from coast to coast. Ebook Services From New York Public Library  and the SimplyE app are examples of this work in action.

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