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Add a Programmer to Develop a Next-Level Library

As today’s libraries evolve to meet changing user needs, their spaces must evolve too. Often, project teams need to assemble and perform in a short window of time; this requires construction management to add subject-specific consultants. Architects working on a library project should always consider adding a programming specialist like Aaron Cohen Associates to the team. Our work provides many benefits:

  • Increased knowledge of existing services, spaces, and staff
  • New service ideas
  • New service point options
  • Reconfiguration of shelving for modern display and popular browsing
  • Potential for new staff space
  • Digital transformation
  • Net-to-gross square feet considerations

We work closely with both the design team and the library stakeholders to analyze and understand the functional needs of library users. Our knowledge of staffing, space planning, and library technology is a vital component of the work.

Our team has worked on many important libraries: University of Chicago, National Library of Singapore, Harvard University Medical Center, Tulane University and many more. Contact us today to find out how we can help maximize the outcome on your project.