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Create a Safe Library Strategy

Human beings have a natural propensity to create new solutions and strategies when the environment changes. For years, we have been promoting self service solutions to libraries. Today, we can provide real options for the near term. For example, we can offer touch less interfaces using vending machines or deploy roving libraries with as much as 15,000 items. Aaron Cohen’s library strategy is to offer a safe way for libraries to provide collections with flexible, scale-able and adaptable services.

Aaron Cohen Associates Library Programming for safe library services will help you adapt your strategic plan to today’s environment. It will start with an analysis of your community and different types of library service options that work best.

  • We will help you develop safe library strategies, book kiosks and vending options for libraries.
  • We will work with your team to uncover the staffing options to support the new paradigm.
  • We will impact near term service planning by working with your library to develop a safe library solution.

We have developed a cost effective strategies for safe libraries. For example, we can offer a combination of vending machine and smart phone app. It connects with library management systems or it can run as an independent unit. It is a self service solution for the internet of things – yes, you can put books (items) in the vending machine.

  • The budget for a self service vending machine starts at $20,000 with a turn around in 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Strategic Library Service Planning will help you adjust library staff to support innovation.
  • Library Consulting can be included in the purchase of a vending machine or part of a separate service planning engagement.

Libraries need to provide safe service structures in response to the health care challenges. Normally, a self service solution would be rejected because it was not a priority or it would not meld with existing library systems and staff processes, often creating significant complexity. However, a functioning library needs to invest in self service solutions.

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