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Design Thinking – Library Planning Practices

When tackling a major initiative like the development of a new library or an overhaul of a document management system, diverse teams need to engage in design thinking workshops. They need to start to discover and dream about the next generation services and they need to share new designs with their funders. Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD / Library Consultants recent research into design thinking for libraries, reveals an interesting paradox: Although people have the tools to do planning research – they do not have a process or the workshop framework to implement their vision. To put it another way, the lack of strategic investments in your library undermines the success of public services and no one has a plan to make improvements.

We found that Library Board of Trustees need a constant flow planning of activities to improve the library. They need relationship-oriented workshops and task-oriented plans to create positive outcomes for the library. If the leadership goes to sleep, team performance drops and the environment suffers. According to Stanford D School on Design Thinking there are 8 core abilities you can use to kick start your Design Thinking process:

Navigate Ambiguity
Learn from Others (People and Contexts)
Synthesize Information
Experiment Rapidly
Move Between Concrete and Abstract
Build and Craft Intentionally
Communicate Deliberately
Design your Design Work

When Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD / Library Consultants facilities design thinking / library planning workshops, we help community members engage in design thinking. It is a great opportunity to ask people to participate in the design, discovery & development project. The workshops have a cooperative human centered approach, providing opportunities for coaching and mentoring, sharing and building on design ideas.

Library Planning Workshops are an opportunity to consider the challenges your library or digital asset management team faces and new technologies and furnishing solutions that will help the staff make user experiences impact-full. The workshops will help you learn about your libraries needs, creating a breakdown the design components and building new service models to test.


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So how can you start to socialize and create network-building practices? Start a master planning project – help leadership build the perception of success and make the community believe they are in good company. Ask team members about the idea it might start the transition from old to new.

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