Library Planning Research,  work in progress

Library Planning – Knowledge Mapping Using the 5 Modes

A few days ago, one of our senior consultants got a call from a research library in need of a new vision. The library organization structure was outdated and staff/employees were focusing on tasks that were not a priority. The need for improvement was obvious to the administration. Services for the researchers needed to improve – there was a miss-match in the services and operations of the library.

The objective of any knowledge organization is to improve the way users access the collection. What is the touch point? is it physical or digital? What kinds of activities would you like the library staff to focus on?

By developing a services and operations program, you can start to define better ways to make an impact on your community. You can develop a knowledge map program to gain user insights, increase access to resources and enhance library services. The idea is to increase the resources your library has to offer in a managed, phased and structured approach.

Our program model for a library uses five different modes for learning as a starting point.

1. Reflective
2. Collaborative
3. Social
4. Presentation
5. Touch Point

A successful library builds on these areas to ensure both the physical library and the digital one can exceed expectations.