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Memorandum – Jay K Lucker – Library Consultant

We are sorry to hear that Jay K. Lucker, former director of the MIT Libraries, and nationally known library building and planning consultant, passed away on Sept. 2, 2012. He was 82. Aaron Cohen and Jay Lucker were contemporaries. Many times they worked on the same project, checking the work of the other. They competed making the world better through libraries.

Lucker started his library career at the New York Public Library in 1954. He came to the MIT Libraries in 1975 from Princeton University, where he was associate university librarian. During his 40-year career as a library planner, he guided the Libraries through the beginning of the transition to many digital library resources and services.

Examples of Jay’s Plans

Southern Conn. State Library

Scarborough Public Library

Falmouth Memorial Library

James Duke Library

Alabama State University – Levi Watkins Library and Learning Resources Center

Jay Lucker will be missed in the library community. His legacy extends far beyond MIT Libraries. His understanding of libraries and their uses will be felt by librarians for many years to come. He was an expert architectural library consultant that will be missed.