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New Library? New Collection

As library consultants, Aaron Cohen Associates offers Opening Day Collection planning services to support new library development. We can help you employ a series of curation tools that will define all facets of your Opening Day Collection, from needs analysis to setup and delivery. A consultant can work with your project team to ensure the library collection enhances the user experience.

We will define how to develop the collection, how they are cataloged and shared, and where they are located in the building. We will define how library collections are designed for browsing and community collaboration. We will make sure your library offers a consistent user experience and that the collection reflects support for your community.

According to 7 Ways Collection Analysis Tools Can Benefit Your Library, the process can be integrated with library programming, including:

1. Analysis of Library Data and Shelving
2. Circulation Trends and Data Points to Make Improvements
3. Balancing Your Collection
4. De-accesion – Creating a New Vision for Your Collection
5. Prototyping – Analyzing How to Get the Right Books into Your Collection
6. Strengthening Funding Strategies
7. Improve Staff Performance

Recently, we adopted Design Thinking exercises to help our clients understand their needs. Our workshops put stakeholders in charge of their library programming. We can provide examples of the library programming process to help you understand the options. This will include your capacity to hold items and your ability to design a new user experience.

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