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Public Library – Top 10 Libraries for Children

Libraries are exciting places for children to grow and learn. They are great attractions for local culture, tutoring and making friends. In the US, there are many public libraries that fit the description as a great place for children to learn. According to Livability – “Top 10 Libraries for Children“, the children’s library is a vital starting point for intellectual, academic and social inspiration for all generations.

While styles and materials may vary in different parts of the world, the children’s library is an important space concern. Is it designed for noise? Is it designed for quiet reading? How large is the story-time room? What types of programming will occur is the children’s library? How close is it to the doorway or entrance?

According to Stephen Abram, there have been many ROI studies in the past. Each tried to outline the hard and soft costs of the public library and compare them to the advantages the library provides to the community. For example, the library provides the community with:

• Public libraries are cost-effective information providers
• Public libraries support the local economy
• Public libraries support the cultural industry sector
• Public libraries support American culture
• Public libraries support a democratic society
• Public libraries support and promote literacy
• Public libraries support children and students
• Public libraries support lifelong learning
• Public libraries help bridge the digital divide

We have been researching public libraries for many years. Along the way, we found a form to help public libraries show their value. The children’s library is a great value in terms of cost savings per family. We believe the children’s library is vital to the growth of the public library.
Below is a one page valuation page. It was developed to help public libraries share their value.

This image was developed to help public libraries show their value