Library Planning Research

Revitalizing Academic Libraries

Reimagining a University library can breathe new life into it, increasing student success and enhancing faculty research. Decision makers in the education field (Presidents, Provosts, Academic Vice President, Headmasters, etc.) often face a decision about how and when to update a library that has outlived its original space plan. Costs must be considered, and many building have historic significance. It is equally important to involve library staff in the process. Our clients know how important it is to build consensus when improving information literacy programs, student success and library service initiatives.

ACA’s recent University work has had great outcomes. Here are two examples:

Integrating Academic Resources into LeMoyne College

LeMoyne College transformed its library through a phased planning process. First, we worked on the development of a Library Master Plan that included a New Quantitative Reasoning Center/ Writing and Tutoring Center. Then, we reconfigured the lower level of the library to make it a more welcoming and inviting space (see image below).

Improving Service and Staffing at Norfolk State University 

Norfolk State University needed an updated operations plan to improve customer service and staffing levels. Our analysis provided a foundation of service strategies to be used in conjunction with current staff capabilities.  It will enable the NSU library team to configure the best and most effective collaboration strategies.