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The New Normal: Measuring Libraries for Results

The development of a library technology plan is something every librarian can use to adapt their library service. Most librarians have historically relied on the collection and the use of the building to provide its worth. We have been working on design thinking as a way to bridge this gap. So, start and ask yourself – Do you need to make technology decisions now? Do you have a framework to get things moving? Every organization, no matter what size, can benefit from design thinking = technology planning workshops.

According to the Massachusetts library system there is a step by step approach you can follow. We have always used library planning workshops to identify the overall purpose of the library in broad terms and at the same time zoom into the details. This process helps us recognize the user and community needs. We found that people liked online services, but they lacked opportunities to collaborate online. The building provided the space for collaboration, socializing, learning and reflecting on special collections research. You can develop a technology plan for your library – start by building your communication plan.

A library technology plan can help you identify the products and services that will improve online collaboration, streamline delivery services or change how you support your patrons. We believe public libraries should demonstrate their value, using an acceptable methodology (see ACA Methodology)

Our methodology is based on the strengths of the library. In normal times, we would call this the economic value of the library but today library services need to be more than that – when the doors are closed we can still offer library services.

Remember every library technology plan includes:

  • Program Statement (mission statement, vision, outcomes)
  • Community Served (target audience for each segment of your population)
  • Staffing (list of staff and functions)
  • Budget (analyze how to continue to provide services)
  • Collection (analyze how to deliver print books and e-resources, e-books)
  • Services Offered (describe the range of services provided by the library and analyze how you can still provide that service using online technology)
  • Share with your patrons how they use your library – (reach out to non-techie patrons like they were your neighbor)
  • Technology (list all of the systems and build out charts to understand how they communicate)

Start a self study today – start by writing your program statement, webjunction has a good model to follow – WEB JUNCTION TECHNOLOGY PLAN – goals and objectives

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