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The Cohen's approach to library space planning follows a rational and methodical process, integrating onsite library planning workshops and online / video conferencing sessions. Our studio develops work products that relate to the specifications of public, special and academic libraries; digital services; educational solutions; learning commons; staffing and library space planning / architectural planning services.


Since 1972, Aaron Cohen Associates LTD, Library Consultant, has drawn on our wealth of experience in facility planning, organizational development and technology assessments to improve libraries. We assist academic librarians, public library boards, academic provosts, city managers and community leaders in the assessment and improvement of library services.

Public libraries use our services to understand and improve space utilization, enhancing the usability, relevance and appearance of this cultural and educational resource. We participate on large space planning projects and work independently to assess and develop library planning studies. We consult on new buildings, renovations and expansions on existing building sites. We offer e-resource planning and collection storage studies. Our experience is broad, with projects ranging in size from small public libraries to large national libraries.


It is important for libraries to assess their effectiveness. The development of non-traditional learning spaces is critical to a growing and thriving public and/or academic community, and we have a wealth of knowledge in the ways libraries function. We assess the building conditions, technology and services, current and future. We provide strategies that outline the building options, technology upgrades, collection holdings and services. We assess the library's space plan to create a master plan (20-year service program).

Our library consultants are thought-leaders in library planning and design. This includes the development of library buildings, civic projects, large cultural parks and campus master planning. Our academic library consultants work with librarians and faculty to improve the utilization of active and passive learning environments.


Our Library Consultants offer facility plans, master plans, architectural programming, library collection analysis and organizational assessments. We provide technology research, developing plans to improve the utilization of library resources.


We offer community needs analysis, architectural programming and best practices to support library service upgrades.

We provide library space planning, organizational change and technology research services to support the development of active learning spaces.

We have in-depth knowledge of the ways in which libraries function. Our highly-experienced and multi-disciplinary studio consists of librarians (MLIS), architects, interior designers, educators, sound, data and lighting consultants. We are always looking for librarians and architecture firms to partner with our team on local and international projects.

Contact ACA or attend our Library Space Planning workshops.

learning space

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collaborative space

collaborative space

learning space

learning space

We can work virtually, using video conferencing technology. This enables us to be in close communication with the project team.

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Over the years, our firm has been recommended for a number of high level library building projects. If there is a difficult building project, we are ready to support its objectives to a successful outcome.

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Library Consultant

Our library planning team studies learning behavior - the interconnection of community, knowledge, IT, learning tools and spaces.

  • Learning Spaces
  • Academic Computing Labs
  • Learning Circle
  • Learning Commons
  • Collaborative Workspaces
  • Self Service
  • Learning Spaces
  • Automation Systems
  • High Density Storage
  • Preservation / Digitization
  • Workflow
  • Historic Spaces
  • Community Projects
  • Education Spaces
  • Classroom Spaces

We provide operations planning to support innovative library architecture.

Contact ACA to develop a long/short range library space plan.

We will share our research on library buildings and learning behavior; services and operations / strategy development / strategic change. Over the years, this has manifested itself into a number of new library buildings, additions and renovation projects.

library collections

library collections

library collections