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Aaron Cohen Associates LTD writes periodically on our Library Consultant Blog. It is a way for us to share our knowledge, links and ideas. It is an opportunity to participate in social media and track our own research. Please feel free to visit our blog to read more about our latest thinking.

Over the years, we developed articles that focused on space planning and library design. We continue researching library design, user behavior, library science, knowledge management, and organizational development. We post this information on our Blog and link our research through our Library Consultant Twitter Feed

Published Articles:

Public Library Quarterly, Volume 28 Issue 3, 227 : Learning Spaces for Public Libraries - Alex Cohen

Information Today: How To Hire The Right Consultant For Your Library! - Alex Cohen, Elaine Cohen

Information Outlook: Libraries, Knowledge Management, and Communities of Practice - Alex Cohen

Public Library Quarterly: The Visual Scan and the Design for Future-Oriented Libraries - Alex Cohen, Elaine Cohen

Un-Published Titles:
Participatory Environments: Library as Place - Alex Cohen, Elaine Cohen 

Dr. Michael Koenig 

 Knowledge management: another management fad?  

"Lessons from the study of scholarly communication for the new information era" Scientometrics, 51(3): 511-523,, 2001.

Knowledge Management for the Information Professional, co edited with T. Kanti Srikantaiah, Information Today for the American Society for Information Science, 598pp., 2000.

"Scientometrics, Cybermetrics & Firm Performance" (with Mary Westermann-Cicio), a chapter 20, pp. 389-404, in The Web of Knowledge - a festschrift in honor of Eugene Garfield. (ed. Blaise Cronin & Helen Atkins). Information Today and the American Society for Information Science, 2000.

"Knowlege Management" chapter 8, pp. 193-221, in Librarianship and Information Work Worldwide (ed. Maurice Line), London, Bowker-Saur, 2000.

College of Information&Computer ScienceBlog Articles:

Hiram Davis

Strategic Planning as a Catalyst for Change in the 1990s.

Economic Considerations for Digital Libraries: A Library of Congress Perspective.

Elaine Cohen

Libraries from the Inside Out.

The Architectural and Interior Design Planning Process.

How To Hire the Right Consultant for Your Library.

Barton Clark

IFLA General Conference, 1989. Division of Management and Technology. Section on Conservation; Section on Information Technology; Section on Library Buildings and Equipment; Section on Statistics; Round Table on Audiovisual Media; Round Table for the Management of Library Associations. Booklet 60.

Socialization of Library School Students: A Framework for Analysis of a Current Problem.

Core Journals in Anthropology: A Review of Methodologies.

Social Science Data Archives and Libraries: A View to the Future.