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The Smart Library Planning Workshop

Date/time: Thursday, November 3, 2016 - (9am-4pm)
Location: Steelcase Worklife - 4 Columbus Circle NYC

- $295 per participant

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The Smart Library is a new methodology ACA developed to help librarians, educators, architects and administrators develop the next generation library. The workshop will define benchmarks and trends. We will show how to layer technologies into a learning environment (technology, collections, staff, seating, etc.). We will demonstrate how both digital and physical libraries use participatory tools such as the digital asset management platforms and physical resources housed within the library's physical walls.

This workshop allows educators, librarians, administrators and architects to learn about the latest trends, best practices, methodology for planning and design ideas a learning space. The Smart Library workshop will assist in the development of the Learning Commons in the academic, public, medical and/or special research organizations. Participants will learn our methodology for the next generation library.

The Library can be seen as a physical and digital learning environment, a network that in development faces six primary challenges:

  • User
  • Collection (print and digital)
  • Staff
  • Technology (connected and secure)
  • Facilities (open, semi enclosed, enclosed)
  • Sensors (data gathering in real time)

During this workshop, we will address real case studies to illustrate how to develop a Research Commons, Needs Assessment and Building Program. Participants will learn how to plan digital and print collection(s), furniture and space planning techniques. The workshop will outline the steps required to develop the next genration library.

This full day workshop will address strategies to develop a Smart Library. This will include round table breakout discussions with handouts. The breakout discussions will last 20-30 mins. The breakout sessions will give the attendees the opportunity to address the challenges they face at their institution. The breakout sessions will help participants define their Smart Library needs.

The participants will learn about workspaces for mobile users and marker/creator spaces as well as audio/visual editing commons. ACA will share case studies of past projects; participants will learn about planning challenges: user, collection, staff, technology, facilities and funding.

  • In the afternoon, we will tour Steelcase. We will share the five modes of learning. We will learn about Steelcase products and how they can be designed to support each mode (social, collaborative, reflective, presentation, touch-point)
  • We will share new technology ideas
  • We will provide valuable tips on how to plan the Smart Library
  • We will share examples of innovative designs
  • Our presenters bring experience to the table. Their firsthand knowledge will help answer your library planning and design questions to move your project forward

The workshop is a hands-on program, focusing on the development of a Smart Library. We will review the modes of learning including: Movement, Behavior, Collection / Content and Digital Resources. The workshop will be interactive with breakout sessions:

  • Creating a Smart Library project brief.
  • Planning measurements.
  • Modes of learning in the library.
  • Case study on user experience and behavior.
  • MakerSpace / Incubator / Innovation Studies.
  • Learning Commons.

The workshop will include presentations and discussions. In the afternoon, there will be a strategic session with planning exercises. We will tour the Steelcase facility to learn about the latest furnishing and technology.

The Workshop will address User Behavior and Learning Tools...

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