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  • New Concepts for Library Space Planning
  • Matching User Behavior with the Space Plan
  • Generating a Library Design is a Process
  • Library Programming and Planning
  • Print Shelving, Archives and Special Collections
New Concepts for Library Space Planning1 Matching User Behavior with the Space Plan2 Generating a Library Design is a Process3 Library Programming and Planning 4 Print Shelving, Archives and Special Collections5


Our library consultants offer academic, school, government and public service planning expertise. This includes on-site workshops and video conferencing activities.

Are you planning to design and develop a learning commons? We offer conceptual planning materials (space and bubble diagrams, CAD plans, collection development recommendations and reports, library master plans) via our web site, enabling our clients to work on project resources in real-time. The combination of library planning research and time-tested planning workshops invites new ways to work on libraries and community centers all over the world.

Do you want to know more about what services you want to deliver to your community? We use an evidence-based approach that combines ILS data with GIS tools to understand the community needs. We also deploy user surveys for a complete market segmentation analysis i.e. we can define who lives where and what their unmet needs are.

Our academic library consultants consist of past and present university librarians, library directors, librarians, architects, ARS collections managers, cybrarians, collections curators, collection development experts, provosts, presidents, world famous design architects and education professionals.

Our public library consultants consist of past and present urban librarians, library directors, librarians, architects, collection curators, collection development experts, city management, architects and planning professionals.

Contact our Library Consultants to develop a facility master plan or pre-architectural program study; this may include a needs assessment, building program and facility plan. We have a solid reputation as librarians, educators, inspirational leaders and experts in library planning. Our library consultants are passionate about library services, collections, preservation and storage.


Our Associates are Librarians and Design Professionals.

  • University Librarians.
  • Academic Librarians.
  • Public Librarians.
  • Museum Curators.
  • Archivists.
  • Preservation Specialists.
  • Interior Designers.
  • Facilities Planners.

Our primary objective is to deliver library planning studies that translate the strategic plan; services and operations strategies into quantitative and qualitative planning recommendations. We support the following professionals:

  • Academic Presidents, Vice - Presidents and Provosts.
  • Government / Special Knowledge Management Professionals.
  • Educators.
  • CIO's - IT Management.
  • Executive Management.
  • Architects.
  • Non Profit Foundations.


If you would like a qualifications package, please send us a note via our feedback form.

We develop pre-architecture programs for libraries including Needs Assessment, Building Program and Facility Planning Reports. This may include ethnographic studies, library technology, reorganization and reengineering operations, library collection storage, e-resources, strategic planning, organizational planning and space utilization studies.

Short bios of our Associate Library Consultants.

Academic Library Methodology

Public Library Methodology

New library project? Need a partner for an architectural project? Library facility master plan? Need an expert to analyze your library collection and operations? Need a new plan, program and model of your library? Contact Library Consultant Team

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