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VISIT ACA'S BLOG - Our research reflects new services, trends in library planning, education, technology and strategy. We believe that library programs need to be updated by visiting and scanning for innovation. We develop programs by employing our own strategies. For example, the Visual Scan - a systematic and creative process to uncover building relationships to determine the functionality - is one of our contributions to library science research. Please visit our Library Planning Blog - THE LIBRARY INCUBATOR to learn more about our latest building and technology planning research.

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Planning Methodology to develop Library Services

Understand: that new ideas can be developed through trial and error.  The environment should continually adapt to new technologies.  During pre-planning we interview the staff and stakeholders.  We also review library technology to better understand the level of service.

Observe: how the library operates, its strengths and its value to the community.  The visual scan helps us understand the impacts change will have on the infrastructure and improvement to the facility.

Visualize: possible solutions.  How do we create a shared vision?  Conceptually, during this stage we develop scenarios to help the vet out options.  We prioritize our findings with our clients and discuss the funding implications. 

Implementation: A building program is an important step to defining and testing the future.  Action steps require technical skills, schematic designs and specifications of the design components.

Reinventing the process: means reinventing the library.  What service responses need to change?  This effort requires close collaboration between management, users and staff.

Webinars and Articles

Planning To Transform Your Library : American Library Association Webinar - Sept 3, 2014- Alex Cohen

Public Library Quarterly, Volume 28 Issue 3, 227 : Learning Spaces for Public Libraries - Alex Cohen

Information Today: How To Hire The Right Consultant For Your Library! - Alex Cohen, Elaine Cohen

Information Outlook: Libraries, Knowledge Management, and Communities of Practice - Alex Cohen

Public Library Quarterly: The Visual Scan and the Design for Future-Oriented Libraries - Alex Cohen, Elaine Cohen

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Corning Community College Learning Commons Addition
June 1, 2014
View the Web Cam New Learning Commons

Queens University Completes Master Plan
March 31, 2014
Queens University, CA - Completes Master Plan - See Thank you Note from Queens University Vice Chancellor Daniel Woolf

Baghdad Youth Library
March 10, 2013
British-Iraqi Architects Announce First Public Library to be Built in Iraq since the 1970's -- See Press Release

St. Louis County Public Library
February 22, 2013
St. Louis County voters support library with ACA's plan -- Voters Approve Library Plans

Onondaga County Public Library
January 10, 2013
City Approves 7.8M to Renovate Central Syracuse Library

The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new St. Helena Branch Library
October 13, 2011 11:00 a.m.
Penn Center Campus, St. Helena Island

ACA WEBINAR - Learning Spaces: Cost Effective Innovations with Loriene Roy for the American Library Association - LLAMA BES Division - July 20, 2011
Webinar for American Library Association Virtual Program  

National Library of Greece - SNFCC presents final architectural plans - June 29, 2011
SNFCC - National Library of Greece  

Learning Spaces: cost Effective Innovations with Loriene Roy at the American Library Association Annual Meeting - LLAMA BES Division - June 26, 2011
American Library Association Annual Conference Program  

Teton County Library Addition to Town Council June 20, 2011 Teton County Library  

Cooper-Hewitt New library New National Design Library   

Opening the New Windmill Library and State-of-the-Art Service Center in Las Vegas Clark County - May 7, 2011
Las Vegas Clark County Libraries  

St. Thomas Campus Renovations Completed
January 29, 2011
University of the Virgin Islands  

Example of Fundraising -- San Diego County Law Library

Master Planning Report Completed for National Library of Barbados - January 1, 2011 National Library of Barbados  

New Building - Westhampton Free Library June 26, 2010 Westhampton Free Library   

Expansion of the William Jeans Memorial Library of Whitemarsh Township William Jeans Memorial Library  

ACA completes new library program for Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology Vaughn Library  

ACA completes learning commons program for Schaffer Library of Health Sciences at Albany Medical College Albany Medical College  

Fuller Theological Seminary - David Allan Hubbard Library Ribbon-Cutting Monday, May 18th- Fuller Theological Seminary  

ACA's Building improvements to the 143-year old Lane Public Library are recognized by American Libraries Magazine, April 2009 Issue pg 35. - Lane Public Library  

ACA develops building program, design and layout for USITC Library - US International Trade Commission Library  

Model Library for Las Vegas Clark County - Centennial Hills  

ACA completes academic library building programming, service planning and strategic support for the development of the KAUST academic library - King Abdullah University Science and Technology   

SIM's Memorial Library at the Southeastern Louisiana University New Information Commons Project

James E. Rogers College of Law Library at the University of Arizona New Law Commons  

Construction Begins at the Gumberg Library - Duquesne University  

ACA develops study for a new National Library for the British Virgin Islands - National Library for British Virgin Islands

ACA develops study to improve Bermuda Parliament Library- Bermuda Parliament  

ACA develops building program for existing and new NATO HQ - NATO Digital Asset Management  

ACA develops building plan for off-site storage to make room for more students at the NYSHA - New York State Historical Society  

ACA develops study for systems library - BAE Systems  

ACA develops study for AARP library in Washington D.C. - AARP's Research Information Center.  

Opening of New