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Aaron Cohen Associates LTD (ACA) has been programming, designing, and building libraries for years. We have a library and consulting business that focuses on planning and programming libraries.

We have standards for print collections, user spaces, and staff operations. We have models for user behavior and strategies to satisfy community growth. Our library consultant provides expert guidance in the field of library architecture, space planning and library information technology.


Aaron Cohen Associates LTD (ACA) is a library technology planning and architectural consulting firm that has been in business for over 50 years. We support libraries in the USA and beyond: we have completed 1,500 library planning studies that range from public services to digital libraries.


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The library consulting business started by focusing on facilities planning. Basically, Aaron Cohen AIA created standards for library building projects. Today, the library and consultant planning methods support ever evolving library, technology, education, archive, preservation, and architecture efforts; it is why we have clients both around the corner and around the world. Contact Us

The Cohen's work follows a rational and methodical process, integrating onsite library planning workshops and online / video conferencing sessions. Our studio develops work products that relate to the specification of digital libraries, information services, educational solutions, learning commons, library staffing and space planning / architectural programming.


Since 1972, Aaron Cohen Associates LTD, Library Consultant, has drawn on our wealth of library space planning and programming experiences to assist in the application of service upgrades. Libraries around the world request our input on new buildings, renovations and additions--including the development of library operations, collections and storage systems. Our experience is broad, with projects ranging in size from small public libraries to large academic libraries.

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Library programming enables libraries and businesses to develop a list of space requirements. It can also be used to define the digital library services and operations requirements; strategic services that will increase support for your users behavior. Branding spaces and services can be achieved through library programming. The work resides in simple spreadsheets, supported by our library consulting methodology for modern library operations and architecture.

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