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    Special Collections and Archive Strategies

    Our team engages in a multifaceted process for archive and special collections. This library consulting work involves conducting space use analysis, following best practices, and providing training in AI-Library development. Archival work actively contributes to sustaining library resources. Special collections and archive strategies play a crucial role in enriching special collections. Despite their potential value, many materials, including books, are often discarded or neglected. It is essential for organizations to recognize the worth of these items and build a dynamic special collections and archive AI program. We develop strategies to improve archives and research facilities. Our implementation programs support best practices in restoration, special collections, and storage techniques. Additionally, our…

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    Building an AI Library

    Consider AI as an expert system. AI is a launchpad, a foundation upon which further enhancements and refinements to your programming strategy can be built. Indeed, this email marks the beginning of an exciting journey – We developed a prototype AI Expert System for Libraries. Basically, building an AI Library assistant that helps you be more efficient and effective library service strategist. Join Us/Beta Test Basically, expert library systems are among the most exciting new developments in knowledge management. We are working on a new AI for library planning and strategic planning for academics. It is a practical application to support modern library development. Our AI prototype embodies our library…

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    AI, Virtualization and Education Service Strategies

    We have started to use AI to reimagine education service planning. We are using knowledge management strategies with AI. Now, we can harness our own library documents and knowledge. This new engine delivers strategic service planning briefs in minutes. It enables us to analyze the educational institution. We can build a model with your organizations unique information. And we can use our own strategic planning and designs to support the next learning commons. For the last five years, we worked on pre-AI systems. During that time, we focused on personas to understand the functionality. We studied behavior requirements. Now, we can use virtualization during our community engagement process, enabling new…

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    How to develop a library program

    Once we have direct access to your specific library building programs data we can provide precise measurements. Basically, we use our best practices to create guidelines. These guidelines have been used by many libraries. This include the space allocated per user seat widely varies depending on the type of seating. Here are some typical estimations: 1. Individual Study Carrels: 20-25 square feet 2. Table Chairs: 25-35 square feet 3. Lounge Seating: 30-40 square feet Remember, these are rough estimates and actual space requirements could vary depending on factors such as the library layout, furniture design, aisle widths, etc. It’s always best to refer to your specific library’s building program or…

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    To develop a plan for a library

    To develop a plan for a library, it’s important to consider several factors including the square footage requirements. We help libraries improve their library building program data. We help provide accurate information. Library square footage requirements might depend on a variety of factors, including: 1. **Collection Size**: The size of your library’s collection (including books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, etc.) can greatly affect the amount of space you’ll need. 2. **Patron Usage**: Consider the number of patrons who will be using the library at any given time. This will impact the space needed for seating, workstations, and service desks. 3. **Services Offered**: Libraries offering additional services such as kids’ zones, study…

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    Social Library Issues

    library strategy programming and planning

    By combining data-driven insights with design expertise, we can create a modern, functional, and user-friendly library environment that meets the evolving needs of our patrons. In this blog, we tasked AI with ideas on how to optimize the physical space of a library. We want to accommodate a growing collection of books and to improve the overall user experience. The library currently faces challenges such as limited shelf space, overcrowding in certain sections, and inefficient layout. Your goal is to reorganize the library space to make it more functional, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. What could be done Assess Current Space Utilization: Begin by analyzing the current layout of the library,…

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    Library Renovation Planning and Design

    Library Renovation Planning and Design During your career have you ever been tasked with planning and designing the renovation of a library? or a learning space? Library Renovation Planning and Design are exciting challenges. We help iron out the library programming details. Our work leads to improvements in the library’s functionality and accessibility. However, today’s world is also digital and its really complicated sometimes. When the library is facing challenges such as limited space, what should you do? We provide library utilization studies. We look at the services in the library and outdated infrastructure. We listen to the users. We use our experiences to analyze the technology integration. Our goal…

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    Library scenario planning

    As a library planning and design expert, I understand the significance of scenario planning. For example, the planning and design of a new library space for a school or college requires a strategic approach. We need to create an environment that enhances learning, collaboration, and technological integration. We offer guidance and expertise in addressing the needs assessment, space planning, collection development, technology integration, and green design considerations. User Analysis Let’s begin by delving into the needs assessment process. Understanding the specific requirements of the students and faculty enables us to design a library space for the user. Holistically, we need to listen to user needs and preferences. We explore various…

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    Library Planning and AI Development

    As an admirer of the great Louis Sullivan’s architectural space planning, I believe AI Architectural Design and Development time has come. We need to emphasize authentic relationships to build successful libraries. Basically, alignment must be actively communicated and embodied into the forms and functions of library services. Louis Sullivan AIA famously stated that form ever follows function. To him, a building’s ornamentation was meaningless compared to how well its design and layout supports its intended purpose. The most beautiful and “true” architecture comes from this organic integration of shape and utility. Form Follows Function When it comes to libraries, Sullivan would argue form must follow the functions of access, engagement,…

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    Strengths for Libraries

    It’s clear that libraries play a crucial role in community and academic development. Certainly, the pandemic has impacted the traditional concept of the “library as place.” As we anticipate the bounce back of library usage, it’s essential to strategize for growth in 2024. At Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD, we are addressing the needs of library user spaces, particularly adults seeking spaces for study, learning, and skill-building. The Urban Libraries Council developed the library insights survey to understand service planning trends between 2019 – 2022. The survey found that library attendance was down -25% and e-book use was up 33%. Notably, this is the first solid evidence that a library’s strength…