Library Planning Research

Academic Libraries Need Study Rooms

The University Center Library at Point Park University is a diamond in the rough. The first phase of the library project provided an opportunity to give the library more group study rooms. The design team excavated a basement level and provided the library with a total of 14 group study rooms. The result – the University has 10 additional group study rooms of all sizes and the students couldn’t be more appreciative.

The original building was designed as an indoor mall, developed at the end of the 19th century and sold to the University in the latter half of the 20th century. The library had a large common area with computers with professional librarian(s) support. It included books and materials, but not a lot of space for group collaboration.

Today, the marble walls and high ceilings are both an advantage and a disadvantage. The large lobby provides and open space that is beautiful, but it does not provide space for group study rooms. We analyzed the space and devised a plan to open up more space below the grand entrance to provide Point Park University with more group/collaborative space(s).

At the same time, we had an opportunity to update the building mechanical system, which was designed to be both modern and efficient.

Point Park University is a performing arts college in Pittsburgh PA.