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Archives Programming and Planning

Do you need to develop a unique, non-traditional learning space? One that provides access to a variety of digital and analog experiences. A few years ago, we developed a metaphor for the library archive of the future. We thought about the user experience and workflow. Here, the modern library archive serves as an “oasis in the desert” for “knowledge travelers,” providing access to both vintage materials and the deep knowledge resources. The modern library / archive offers experiences to support learning outside of traditional school settings. It provides a service for those who are seeking inspiration and guidance from resources.


Think of the library archive program as a source of water, providing nourishment and sustenance for the thirsty mind, enabling your executive staff to analyze and verify the improvements they need. Overall, an archive, library or digital asset management system is an essential and valuable resource for those looking to expand their organizations knowledge and engage with content in new and exciting ways.


We develop cutting-edge and technologically advanced archival facilities. We develop both digital and analog experiences for visitors. Our programming and planning work features collaborative workshops. Here, we explore advanced systems, including professional applications, immersive work-bench spaces, sensory experiences and research areas. Our plans include storage systems and service planning to enhance the user experiences. Contact: Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD / library programming / archive planning consultant

Archive Programming

We know how to plan and develop an analog experience where visitors can work with historic media formats and manipulate and transform works into digital files. This includes all types of scanning equipment, shelving and logistics options. We also have experience with sorters and high density storage solutions. We offer archive programs for all types of experiences; collections of all types. We can measure the archive spaces and help reinvent your library, archive or organizations preservation systems. We can provide a wide range of architectural solutions to enhance the resources and experiences for visitors.

Library Technology

Technology has had a significant impact on how we consume information and entertainment, and some have argued that this has led to a decline in reading and a decrease in the need for libraries. However, it is important to note that the archives needs to adapt to changing technology and societal needs. It needs to continue to play an important role in preserving and providing access to information and resources. While physical book circulation may have decreased, many archives now offer digital collections, e-resources, and other electronic resources, as well as hosting events and programs that engage the community in their collections.

The importance of library archives may have changed over time, but they continue to play a vital role in the communities they serve. This includes medical, law, special, corporate, museums and Federal research facilities. We help them grow and thrive.

Investments in Libraries

Investment in preservation in the 21st century, despite the advent of the digital age and the internet, is a reflection of the continued importance and relevance of libraries in society. Libraries and Archives serve a variety of purposes beyond just providing access to historic books, such as providing access to unique tools and technology, offering educational and job-related skills building, and serving as collaborative spaces for events and programs. We help validate the archives plan and help the team adapt their strategies for long term success.

Cultural and Architectural Landmarks

Libraries and archives are seen as important cultural and architectural landmarks, and investing in new spaces is seen as a way to revitalize communities and promote education and culture. Furthermore, as many libraries and archives have experienced budget cuts in recent years, building new and modern spaces is a way to ensure that they have the resources necessary to provide high-quality services to the community. We have experience developing long and short term plans for special libraries and archives (e.g. master planning).

Planning for Results

If preservation and archival functions continue to be a cost to the institution, we can help you improve. We can help you get a better return on investment. Basically, our organizational planning acts as a reflection of the organization. We help strengthen the archive staff, collections and services. We help organizations actively involve their stakeholders. We help the organization adapt the archive service plan to the changing needs of the communities it serves. Reach out to our team to learn more about how we can help your institution or organization.

Contact: Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD / library programming / archive planning consultant

Contact: Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD / library programming / archive planning consultant