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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Is your organization facing a unique opportunity with the arrival of new leadership? With fresh perspectives and approaches, there is potential for positive change and growth. There are also pitfalls that can doom upgrades and changes. Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD (library consultant) can provide the experience to support libraries in transition. We are dedicated to improve the library organizations through the use of strategic planning, digital integration, services and collections.

Implementing change can be challenging, especially in organizations that have a history of struggling with it. One approach that might be helpful is to involve as many people as possible in the process of defining and planning the change. This can help to build buy-in and support for the change, and can also provide valuable insights and ideas.

It can also be helpful to communicate clearly and transparently about the change, and to provide support and resources to help people adapt. Providing regular updates and feedback can help to keep everyone informed and engaged, and can help to build momentum and momentum for the change.

Rebuilding a Library

We encourage library staff to be passionate and excited about the future! You can build the foundation in place to build a successful and thriving library.

Rebuilding a library can be a challenging but rewarding process. It’s important to have a clear vision for the direction you want the library to go in, and to communicate that vision to your staff and stakeholders. It can also be helpful to gather input from your community to understand their needs and interests, and to involve them in the rebuilding process.

There are many resources available to help libraries rebuild and improve their services. One approach that you might find helpful is the “Continuous Improvement” model, which involves setting clear goals and regularly reviewing and adjusting your processes to meet those goals. This approach can help you make progress on your rebuilding efforts in a systematic and sustainable way. We support libraries and research institutions with master planning, five year strategic planning and staff/operations analysis.

Building Institutional Leadership

High turnover and a lack of institutional leadership support can definitely be major challenges for a library that is in the process of rebuilding. It can be difficult to make progress when there is a constant influx of new staff members and a lack of support from leadership.

One approach that might help in this situation is to focus on building a strong team culture and establishing clear goals and expectations for staff. This can help to create a sense of stability and direction, even in the face of high turnover. It can also be helpful to establish regular communication channels, such as staff meetings or newsletters, to keep everyone informed and connected.

It’s also important to make sure that you are effectively communicating the value and importance of the library to your institutional leadership. Make sure they understand the benefits that the library brings to the organization and the community, and seek out opportunities to collaborate and build relationships with them.

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