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Designing and Space Planning Libraries

In the historical context of library development, the American Library Association once recommended standards for libraries. They stipulated collections, building size and staff-to-resident ratios. We developed these standards as well as the ALA and they evolved with time. Fast-forward to the present, and we face a paradox. The correlation between the library’s automation, staff count and the resident population within its service area drives a lot of decision making. We work with libraries to understand the true measures. For example, library usage and its effectiveness, quantified by service enhancements, as it supersedes demographics in determining building requirements.

Planning for Library Facilities

Planning for library facilities presents a challenge, marked by ongoing shifts in library services. Collaboration among library staff, consultants, architects, and planning experts becomes imperative. The librarian’s pivotal role involves synthesizing community needs and facility capabilities, laying the foundation for library programs and initial planning proposals.
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Library Buildings

The initial work in the quest for library improvement involves the evaluation of existing facilities with professional library consultants. Irrespective of whether these library spaces are old and outdated or in need of minor fixes, they must embody certain fundamental attributes. Accessibility is paramount, complemented by the provision of ample parking facilities. Exteriors should include inviting collaboration area, while interior layouts should prioritize user meeting space & makerspaces, ensuring a harmonious blend of functional surroundings and productive environments.

Library Experience Matters

We are a specialized group of experienced librarians offering consulting services, guiding site selection and advising on building and functional layouts. Engaging with our consultants proves cost-effective, typically amounting to approximately two percent of construction expenditures. The services of a skilled architectural team are equally important. We help the architectural team with the collection analysis, programming & pre-design, drawings, and cost estimates.

Library Planning

Planning library operations and staff roles, requires input from the staff and leadership. We hold workshops to enable the community to play a more substantial role. Their deep understanding of community dynamics, growth patterns, population distribution, land-use regulations, and traffic flows can significantly enhance the planning process.

Library Staffing

Library staffing is a multifaceted endeavor, influenced by the nature of tasks performed and the library’s operational processes, the number of facilities, their architectural layouts, and operating hours. A concerted effort is made to determine the ideal staffing level and establish an organizational blueprint, recognizing the intricate interplay of these factors.

Library Consultant

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD work with libraries to understand their services. We develop staffing, collections and seating profiles to improve organization chart. Our work represents the needs of today and tomorrow; our earnest pursuit to harmonize resources in modern libraries, adapting to the diverse forces that shape their destinies.