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Online Learning Spaces – Library Learning Spaces

For better or for worse, libraries and archives need to be able to maintain collections, migrating them from one building to another, converting physical space into learning spaces. We know that the library must deliver a suite of complex services necessary to maintain the collection in well-established formats. An assumption of formats do not do justice to the challenges libraries face. The delivery of digital objects is by no means sufficient for successful learning. We must develop better learning spaces too.

The research shows that we do better when the academy provides shared learning space. The NY Times article:
Learning in Dorm, Because Class Is on the Web” – outlines the new ways education is delivered and new technology that is having an impact on the need for good learning spaces. We know there is one way to improve student success and that is to provide real learning spaces. Places with productivity tools and professional staff (librarians) to support learning.

One web site that proves the point is – “Is it Live or is it Internet? Experimental Estimates of the Effects of Online Instruction on Student Learning.” In a NY Times article, “Live vs. Distance Learning: Measuring the Differences” – TRIP GABRIEL states: “An analysis of 99 studies by the federal Department of Education concluded last year that online instruction, on average, was more effective than face-to-face learning.”