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Digital Nomads

Could increasing connectivity improve your community? According to Linkedin, connected

There have been a few web sites devoted to digital nomads and the changing lifestyle of tech users. It is important to us because we see a need to redefine the library as a place for all. This means bringing in new customers who need the support of an office and networking activities to develop and maintain their business.

In the Huffington Post article, “Succeeding from Anywhere: 5 Trailblazing Communities for Digital Nomads” – we noted that social media makes it possible for people who work in the digital world to use libraries in new ways. They are people who are developing their own business on the fly and networking activities to engage in learning programs. Social networking sites such as – Dynamite Circle and HashtagNomads #nomads – are providing the venue for alternative business ideas.

The library is becoming a place for large scale access to 3D printers. According to Matt Enis, “public-priavte partnerships with local businesses include entrepreneur-in-residence program, workshops geared toward working professionals within the community.