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Don’t “Fight the Old,” Adapt for the Future

Programming Library Services with eBooks in mind can challenge our past ways of doing things. However, familiar technologies are sometimes combined with new ones, or used in new ways for maximum impact— the eBook is dramatic example. In today’s challenging environment, a library’s web presence combined with available eBooks offers a way to keep patrons connected to these vital services.

Take, for example, the work of Kelvin Watson at the Broward County Library. He understood early on the need to promote eBooks as a library service. With print materials tucked away in closed libraries and plans to fund improvements on hold, he made the public library’s digital collection a priority. This strategy helped Broward County offer access to the world’s virtual bookshelf in a time of need.

In “Addressing eContent Issues in Times of Crisis,” Broward County Library launched a full-scale, seven-day-a-week marketing campaign to promote the use of electronic sources. It has led to a dramatic uptick in usage. The results included a 63 percent increase in usage of Hoopla (which also includes streaming video content) from mid-February (9,772) to mid-March 2020 (15,934), with new users increasing 253 percent from February to March. Additionally, Overdrive eBooks and audiobooks checkouts increased 22 percent from March 2019 to March 2020.

Digital library services are a very important component of community support, and eBook collection development is a key to this process. Many individuals do not take advantage of their library eBooks because they do not have (or do not believe they have) the access. Develop a master plan and start doing the programming to improve access.

Here is a sample list of eBook Publishers. You may start your research by learning about these companies and their services.

As library services change, previous models can be updated. We will develop a list of your partners and build strategies, and work with you on the policies, new rules for the building and the building services themselves. Your library can be improved with a library master plan. This is usually a three-month process that, for many of our clients, includes a needs assessment, the development of a strategic service priorities and a schedule for implementation.

Joseph Schumpeter researched the pattern of development of markets and economies; he noted that destruction and creation were often happening at the same time. Situations can change, and libraries can adapt by developing a new plan. Let us help.  LIBRARY CONSULTANT



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