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Innovation in Learning – Space Design for the Future

In the quest to learn as much as we can about technology and learning, the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL) is an example. We believe education is changing through the use of technology. We believe we need new and creative models for 21st century education. We believe that the library is a unique space-model for learning. It changes the focus from teacher-directed paradigms to self-directed engaged learning. The video link captures a number of the ‘spaces for learning’ – it is a good thought starter.

The Technology Sandbox at the D.H. Hill Library showcases new technologies for learning. NC State provides easy to use large-scale display’s and gesture-based computing tools. These tools have been installed, revolutionizing the visual display of data and the creation of digital media.

The two examples encourages peer-to-peer learning, experimentation, and collaboration. They highlight the key innovations such as a laboratory for faculty and staff to prototype virtual tools. We believe that libraries should experiment with new types of learning spaces, especially those that blend the virtual with the physical.

Click on Video – Learning Space of the Future