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Is Your Library Agile? It Should Be.

“Innovate or fall behind” is a familiar term in the business world; the library services business is no different. Building agility for your library starts with the development of a team taxonomy. 

According to Agility at Scale (Harvard Business Review May-June 2018), businesses need to create a taxonomy broken into three components: 

  • Customer experience
  • Business process
  • Technology systems

By organizing for agility, libraries can identify opportunities and threats their organization faces.  For example, when there is too much overlap in service responsibilities and processes, it may reduce the effectiveness of IT operations.

Libraries can become more agile by focusing on these team concepts.  Detail-oriented and interdisciplinary backgrounds are critical to the program, planning and development work. The manager successful at fostering innovation figures out how to get different teams to work together, harnessing their strengths.

Fostering innovation must be deliberately employed: start your library taxonomy review and design your future with us.  We can increase agility in your public, heath sciences, research, museum, school or academic library.