Library Planning Research,  work in progress

Leadership in Times of Change

What makes an innovation successful? As our library project experience suggests, all disruptive changes require leadership that is adaptive and well prepared for the future. According to Ronald Heifetz, Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School, “We need leadership in societies when there are a new set of challenges — when we need to learn new ways of doing things — that challenge to learn new ways is a discovery process.” Contact Us Library Master Plan.

To guide you in determining a new leadership strategy, we introduce adaptive leadership. It will help you manage the 21st century library by learning to re-fashion loyalties and develop new competencies. It will help you develop a library program, which will enable you to break down the components of your library and improve the performance of the service.

Consider technical and adaptive work strategies in your organization. Think about it – on one side technical work is clearly defined and on the other side adaptive work requires training. What made the adaptive work successful? Adaptive Leadership.

Adaptive Leadership is an Activity:

  • Authority
  • Personality
  • Knowledge
  • Adaptive Values

There is no short term thinking when you are being an adaptive leader, identifying the strengths of your organization requires a bit of zooming in and zooming out of the issues. We can help your team increase and encourage adaptive work. Adaptive work is experimental and it requires a project management framework to ensure success.

Someone told me a few days ago that the people with the problems are the problem, and they are also the solution. We can breakdown the challenges between aspirations and reality, providing a library program with defined service responses. CONTACT US.

Our planning methods will enable you to identify leadership characteristics within your team. There is no one set of abilities that defines leadership.

  • Our programming can be used as a strategy to build your teams foundation.
  • We can start with a set of trusted listening sessions.
  • Each session begins by addressing the challenges people are facing.
  • We build on the strengths of the team by sharing our knowledge of library services.
  • We train the library staff to plan and help the team improvise during this time.

Our planning framework will enable you to develop a knowledge management team. Together we will see which parts of your current business are most vulnerable, and just as important, which programs give you strength. According to Albert Einstein, “If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it.” Check out this great video on leadership by Ronald Heifetz.