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Learning Triangle adaptable/digital/physical

Developing adaptable digital learning spaces is a challenge. The Learning Triangle is a communication model that emphasizes the importance of active learning in different settings (adaptable, digital, and physical). The model helps us plan and enhance learning behaviors in the library. Basically, learning today is immersive – we need to start designing libraries where we must learn with not only their ears, but also with their eyes and their heart.


Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD library planning methods involves several key strategies to build adaptable designs and digital and physical space programs for libraries.

We help provide and foster an open and inclusive environment: Create a culture that values diverse perspectives and encourages open and honest communication. Encourage members of the community to share their thoughts and ideas. We help the community work together and listen to others with an open mind. See Special Library Collections Return on Investment Discussion.

We encourage active listening our our needs assessment: We encourage members of the organization to give us insights. We pay attention not only to the words being spoken, but also to the tone of voice, body language, and other nonverbal cues that people give out.

Our Library Programming Encourages Feedback: We encourage feedback from team members and from the wider community. We make it clear that all feedback is valued and will be considered, strengthening our design thinking practice. We encourage team members to give feedback, and provide design thinking insights. This continuous process helps us build a better tomorrow.


In order to incorporate outside perspectives and professional input, you can develop a strategic services requirements analysis. Inviting outside professionals to participate in Library Programming can provide valuable insights and help to identify efficient and effective approaches to addressing current challenges.


Incorporating regular Library Programming workshops into the library’s annual work can help to reinforce the importance of the library in the community, and help create a culture of collaboration and mutual support. This includes giving that will help to sustain the library’s growth and success over the long term.

Adaptable. Digital. Physical

Wherever you are in an open space, in a room or online, we need to foster a culture of open communication and collaboration. It is essential for promoting the library i.e. creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Ultimately, the Triangle is the strongest shape. Make sure all voices are heard and valued, and relationships have an opportunity to succeed.