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Libraries for Life: Knowledge for Success

The most fertile questions we use to develop discovery platforms is to focus the mind on the possibilities. What is the most unusual way someone uses the library? The fact is, virtually all libraries need to become discovery platforms. They need to provide a space for unusual questions and places where we can find unexpected success.

Digital Resources (land of discovery)

We need to acknowledge that digital content will never go out of print. In the future, the digital library will be where intelligence lives. We develop roadmaps for our clients. We provide a methodology to help organizations think of libraries as discovery services for now and the future. Still, the library can be a place for study and discovery. It can be a place for business, humanities, science and knowledge building.

Knowledge Management Strategies

As a result of our continuing efforts to redefine the library, we trusting teams are force and a turning point for libraries. We have found that the right level of dreaming and planning can turn progress into reality. The library of the future needs to support digital tools, but how? It needs to be flexible and adaptable enough to accommodate users, but how? We provide opportunities for our clients to explore the possible and impossible.

  • Knowledge Mapping
  • Best Practice Transfer
  • Rewards
  • Collaborative Technologies
  • Competence Management
  • Cross-Project Learning

Master of Flexibility

Aaron Cohen went to the Mies van der Rohe school of thought. He developed his concept of library architecture based on van der Rohe’s models and methods. As he worked on one library building to another, Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD work as a whole was endowed with a unity of purpose and expression. Library Services, Buildings, Floating and Flexible Collections have been selected in accordance with the overall requirements of the community, and their components are revealed, either actually or symbolically through our research.

Like van der Rohe, our work speaks with a single architectural programming language. We help build flexible and adaptable libraries – we help develop discovery systems.

Building a Trusting Team

After working on both physical and digital library designs, we understand that each library needs to have, as van der Rohe stated, “architectural integrity” and “structural honesty.” Interestingly, working with a trusting team is required in both the physical and digital worlds.

There is a fundamental difference between how we plan today and the way we did 20 years ago. The power of discovery systems continues to grow at an exponential rate. It used to be hard to develop a trusting team and plan for the future. Now, we need leaders who can bridge the gap and unlock the secrets of knowledge.

Information Food Chain

All along the information food chain we see people developing libraries, but a great library knows how to tell their community which service is their best, and a successful manager can rally the team to incredible heights with a library master plan. Make no mistake, funding is still the top concern for most managers, and we’ve had our share of projects that were expected to be built, but were not completed. On the other hand, our experience tells us that planning flexible libraries works. It requires the following essential elements for success: staff, collections and services. Each of these measurements provide a view of the future and information from the past. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SERVICES

Discovery Platforms for Online Learning

One thing is certain, discovery services and collaboration activities will increasingly be at the core of a library’s strategy. As a result, future demand will be based on the appropriate program or level of service your library provides. Take, for example, the California Digital Library Web of Science Resource Notes provides the next generation in Multilanguage search – See new Digital Canvas It extends content to be shared across the expansive library system, introducing rapid access to a growing library knowledge base. No doubt, this content will be used in the classroom, and for student research.

Architecture is a language. If you are good at that you can speak prose, if you are great you can be a poet.” If your approach is to dream like Miels van der Rohe, let’s get started.