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Library Consultant – Build a Future

In any library, research shows that rarely will more than two people sit on a three-seater library lounge, unless the people know each other. Strangers will sit as far apart from each other as possible. This indicates that, as far as adult libraries are concerned, small tables and tablet arm chairs often work best.

At Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD, we know how to plan library environments and help develop the library services. Above is a sample academic / research library for penn state university. Basically, we developed the library by analyzing the number of spaces for each type of work space.

Library Science Coach

The word coach is used to describe a teacher with special expertise that he or she uses to help research subjects and skills. Our knowledgeable library consultant, coach and planning experts enable presidents, CIO, CFO, provosts, city managers and library leaders to achieve their goals. Basically, we put all hands on deck to move the organization forward.

According to The Coach in the Library, Like coaches, an effective librarian (also called a media specialist these days) gives leaders ideas and resources for collections, instruction, models, and programs.

  • Our team provides information when library leaders, educators and board members have questions.
  • Our library planning research provides an opportunity to build a programming strategy in both horizontals and verticals i.e. online and the physical planning of a library.

  • One of the most important challenges caused by advances in society and technology is the inequality of access. Basically, this includes access to online library services and access to a learning space. We are confident that library buildings improve the community. A library can be a conduit to mental health, care coordination, coaching, academic advancement and independent education.

    Consequently, the resources our library consultants bring to bear on a project includes subject matter expertise in library planning and architecture. We support communities through a wide range of planning, space programming, library technology integration, social media & healthcare, and special collections guidance. Many decisions need to be made to improve a library; start now.

    Forecasting the Future of Library Science

    Every library lives contradictory lives — as a habitat and as a property. There are several ways to measure the impact and visualize the outcome. We know that visualizing the future can help you understand your community. Zehra Taşkıns published a very interesting study of bibliometrics’ and library publishing. She analyzed over 120k articles focusing on library science. Taskin used Flourish Visualization Software to visualize the LIS community. The Bibliometric Study illustrated the diversity of Library and Information Science. Below you can see the diversity of spaces from open library environments to individual study spaces. Below is a sample from a recent library program.

    library planning

    Blasting Off into the Knowledge Management Environment

    After two decades of library programming and planning, learning environments have entered the knowledge management age. Basically, we call this the trusted service plan. It is based on building communities of practice and activities to build trust. Factors believed most significant in defining the range of online environmental relationships pertinent to student success and/or organizational teams.

    Mobile technologies, laptops, and advances in library content management software now make it possible for librarians to link into online education platforms (Canvas, Odigia, Blackboard, Microsoft Teams, etc.) and offer knowledge management services. It is now possible to share vast amounts of information with your community, build on the individuals, support local businesses that makeup the Trusted Learning Environment (tutors, teachers, educators, etc.).

    Contact Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD library consultants to build your library, special collections or content management platform.