Library Planning Research,  work in progress

Library Facilities Planning and Analysis

How is the planning budget related to the Library Function? Library facilities planning, involves the systematic processes of identification, clarification, and nomenclature of the building plan. Our planning steps are pivotal in refining the understanding of the desired functions and aesthetic elements of a library. Basically, we recognize that achieving effective library facilities planning requires a fundamental reassessment of the foundational components at play. Library facilities planning provides programming, service analysis and collection design.

Heart of the Matter

At the heart of the matter lies the library patron or student, driven by a desire for functionality. Their overarching goal is to use the library effectively. They want to experience satisfaction—either personally or vicariously—and to participate in various activities. What transpires within the confines of the library spaces can be predefined to support community building.
library design data sheets

Our Team

Our library consultant team seeks to improve the library plan. Basically, we help with improving the ambiance and supporting the design development program efforts. We use the visual scan to understand the attributes of the library. We analyze the shape and color, tactile sensations of texture, auditory experiences in the form of sound. Our work supports the overall aesthetic of the library and its furnishings. Thus, the language of function becomes synonymous with the language encapsulating the heart of the problem.

Library Programming

The library patron is driven by a need for distinct user experiences. These are interwoven into functional categories. They manifest in diverse gradations across library vendor products and services. These are interwoven into categories of functions, which manifest in diverse gradations across library vendor products and services. Firstly, there are the Library Use Case Functions or Data Sheets that outline the actions that patrons wish to perform within the new or renovated library. Secondly, Aesthetic Functions cater to the users desire for inclusiveness upon entering the library space. Remarkably, needs of the user serves as the crucible for the unexpected innovations we support. In the enhancement of value, our services modernize the library’s offerings.


library space planning

Design-Thinking Architecture

As we continue our library planning and architecture work, the transformation of functions into design thinking workshops becomes paramount for maximizing benefits. This approach delves into the visionary aspects of the library’s purpose. By zooming in and out of this vision, we help the library facilities team to articulate what the library’s function entails and delineate the actions necessary to fulfill its purpose. This iterative process embodies Aaron Cohen’s emphasis on constant improvement and clarity in organizational endeavors.

Better Architecture

To help achieve better solutions to problems sooner, some different library buildings blocks are needed.  These must cut to the heart of the basic problem and keep thinking in the heart area. They can include the Learning Commons, Makerspace, Meeting Spaces, etc.

Library Programming

Library programming includes:




Benefit Your Library

To benefit your library, contact us for a planning and architecture project. We will provide expert guidance. We will share our library of library functions. We will help facilitate design thinking workshops that will explore the vision and the details.