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Library Planning & Funding Streams

Designing and space planning for libraries results in funding for the library. Over the years, our clients have used our library consulting services to reach beyond and build a plan for the future. This results in funding for the library and removes roadblocks, all through the creation of a well-designed plan.

Design Thinking

Building a resilient library infrastructure involves an understanding of the behavior of the library’s users, which can inform the creation of a library funding plan. This plan can generate support for the library. A resilient library requires an in-depth program of its users, including adults, teens, children and mature adults / seniors, and their behavior needs. This understanding can be achieved through multiple layers of interaction and observation.


The integration of a library service plan should balance the needs of all users and consider the staff, operations, space, and digital services of the library. Our approach uses data-driven research and human expertise to build a case for the library and provides design thinking workshops to deliver future-service operations that generate funding for the project.

Holistic Planning

When Aaron Cohen Associates develops a library program, service plan & fundraising plan, we build on our experience and help guide the process by:

  • Defining the need: Our library planning reports articulate why funding is needed and what it will be used for. This will help to engage potential donors and build support for the library service improvements & fundraising effort.
  • Identifying potential donors: We can help you identify who the likely donors will be and what their interests and motivations are. This will help to target their input during the library service planning, which will get them involved for fundraising efforts effectively.
  • Developing a fundraising strategy through appreciative inquiry: We help you decide on the best approach to raising funds, such as visuals, strategies, help with direct appeals to donors, grant applications, library planning open forums and events, and building partnerships with businesses and government.
  • Creating a budget that includes space and services: We help you establish a realistic budget for the fundraising effort and allocate resources accordingly.
  • Utilizing community resources: We provide community workshops where we identify the resources, such as volunteers, to support the library service plan & fundraising effort.
  • Measuring success and develop a narrative: Establish metrics for measuring the success of the fundraising effort and track progress throughout the process.
  • Adjusting the Plan: Our team will work with you to evaluate the effectiveness of the library services & fundraising plan. We will make adjustments, even after the project is complete, to ensure its success.

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