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Library Planning Insights

To effectively leverage data analytics, libraries need to define clear goals and objectives for their data-driven initiatives. The leadership needs to ensure that they align with the library’s broader mission, insights and values. We help jump start library planning. Certainly, our library workshops jump start planning by helping the library engage with the users to develop a better future. We help libraries understand their needs and preferences. We use data to create ways that benefit them. By taking a user-centric approach to data analytics and involving users in the planning and development process, libraries can create data-driven initiatives that are aligned with their mission, values, and goals, and that deliver real value to their patrons.

Planning Insights

All libraries want to give their community patrons more and engaging experiences. As a long time member of ACRL, we have provided all types of library consulting services and continue to provide library planning insights. Take a look at ACRL’s library consulting page and/or contact us to get started. That’s one of the most effective ways to create and sustain a library.

Library Planning

The challenge is to offer those experiences at scale without depersonalizing or commodifying them. The key is to strike a balance between scalability and personalization. Libraries must find ways to reach a large audience while still providing meaningful and engaging experiences that feel personalized and authentic. This may require experimentation and a willingness to try new approaches until the right balance is achieved.

Scalable Libraries

One potential solution to this challenge is to focus on creating experiences that are both scalable and customizable. For example, our library planning insights and research has show that offering more meeting space is an excellent way to provide a valuable service to the community while also increasing engagement with the library. Basically, allowing community members to choose how they want to use the library or participate in its activities gives them a sense of ownership and investment in the library’s offerings.

Jump Start Planning

By investing library planning, administrators (healthcare, law, government, academic, research centers, schools, public libraries, etc.) can create a welcoming and comfortable place. We develop library programs and designs that encourages patrons to spend time and engage with the library’s offerings. Designing and programing spaces for activities such as book clubs, crafting groups, or maker spaces for students can foster a sense of community and create opportunities for learning and creativity. Learn more about building a Co-Design Strategy.

Collections Programming

Sometimes libraries need to invest in collections programming. They need to understand how spaces can be tailored to the interests and needs of their community. By offering analytics research related to the library collection, we help these vital places create a more personalized experience for their users and build stronger relationships with them.

Services at Scale

We work with libraries to help them uncover their strengths and create user experiences at scale. For example, we use data analytics to gain insights into users’ preferences and interests. Indeed, we work with the foundations and educators using our own program / planning methods to uncover the library’s potential. Our 50 years of research helps the libraries curate content and experiences that are tailored to their users. An analyses library user needs and services from a variety of vantage points can be effective. We understand the noise created by data analytics and work to define the future with a solid focus on results.

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