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library technology planning

What is library technology planning? Why do we need it? Technology has been a transformative part of developing a modern library. The rapid pace of technological advancements shows no signs of slowing down, and libraries must embrace a leadership role in utilizing technology to remain relevant and meet the evolving needs of their communities.

Certainly, its important to recognize that technology is not an end in itself. Certainly, technology can enable libraries to provide enhanced services and access to collections. It is the wise and thoughtful use of technology in conjunction with a professional and well-trained staff that brings the best aspects of library service to the community.

Modern Library

Basically, a library technology plan is essential to effectively leverage library collections in a way that benefits library users. Library professionals can attain the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate digital resources by going to conferences and workshops. However, library planning workshops can assist leadership with technology-related issues and financial budgeting. Indeed, we provide guidance on utilizing technology and modeling library tools to effectively plan for the future.

Contact Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD to develop a library technology plan. Our expertise and guidance will help the library staff explore physical and virtual issues. Our consultants can offer a comprehensive review of library technology. We can provide inclusive workshops that will help you uncover the physical and virtual services for your library.

Public Libraries

Developing a public library technology plan – click here to start a self study.

Developing an Academic library plan. Here are Toolkits from ACRL to get you started.


We provide a leadership role for libraries that are looking to upgrade their technology and utilization of resources. Our planning helps the library use its physical and virtual tools. Our research helps the library provide access to collections, foster digital literacy, promote lifelong learning, and bridge the digital divide. We have found that technology can be used in a strategic and thoughtful manner. However, it takes planning to enable libraries to adapt to changing user expectations and deliver services that are accessible, relevant, and valuable in the digital age.

Technology Planning

Basically, libraries that embrace technology and combine it with a well-trained staff are well-positioned to serve their communities effectively. Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD ensures that the principles of library service are upheld in an increasingly digital world.

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