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Digital Asset Management: the Next Wave

A high-performance Knowledge Management application for a library requires functions for both individual and the team needs. We design models for the metadata framework for Digital Asset Management (DAM) Systems, or digital libraries. Our team of librarians research and populate fields with possible values, including description of the attribute, type of metadata, and relations to other attributes.

Our Digital Asset Management work includes the development of functional programs such as:

Business Arc

  • hitecture: User stories and business processes
  • Application Architecture: DAM software development
  • Information Architecture: Conceptual representation of information
  • Integration Architecture: Research all technical integrations enabling the DAM system to connect with other knowledge bases
  • Technical Architecture: Information regarding the hardware, software, etc.

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD can identify and plan next generation libraries: digital asset management systems, digital libraries and archive systems. We can help to:

Determine the search queries that users may type in to find assets using your digital system

Determine, prepare and design the training requirements and modules for training users and librarians to offer knowledge management services

We are constantly researching the evolving communication needs of sales and marketing staff to understand how DAM applications create pathways for business. We know that functions emerge from framing the content for use. Our Knowledge Management professionals analyze user functions to determine UX interfaces that interact with the DAM system; this could be a VR system or a content portal built on library information system knowledge.

We can show libraries and other firms how the DAM will function as a 21st century research portal or marketing library. This work enables global businesses such as healthcare or research centers to do things faster, better and cheaper. Below are some links that will help you start your research.