Library Planning Research

New Library Trees to the Cloud

The evolution of digital media has enhanced global perspectives in all facets of business, increasing the range, scope, and accessibility of libraries. Due to the tremendously impact-full influence of Covid, its impact on learning, behavior, and social interaction has become a widely discussed topic of study. According to Barbara Guzzetti, ASU, we are constantly studying and synthesizing the research of academic scholars, community educators, and developers of civic programs. Now, it is time to develop an efficient system to manage digital assets (links, doc, ebooks, media, journal databases). It is paramount to maximize your business library. Planting trees in the cloud takes time — the sooner you develop a strategy for digital asset management, the better you will do.

Being able to quickly find, distribute and share library assets can save time searching for files. When your files and data cannot be located opportunities are missed. Sometimes you give up and go into creating or repurchasing the database. We have found that some libraries are lost forever, because the library was not properly cataloged and/or archived.

Do I need a digital library?

  • Do you have Unstructured digital assets? files in systems that don’t relate to today’s business?
  • Do you see your Website and marketing collateral materials as an asset? Do they have a consistent image and branding message?
  • Do you have an IT security plan to safeguard personal files?
  • Are some assets not cataloged? on a server or individual computers?
  • Do you waste time saving files and finding out that team members don’t know about it?
  • Are there are multiple final versions of the file?
  • Do you work with cloud applications and would like to re-purpose content from one system to another?

Development of a Unified Information Service Plan

If the answers above are YES – A digital asset library plan is something you should consider. The library planning study creates a path to success because we can identify the key stakeholders – anyone who creates and uses library content – engage with the team to raise and support funding.

By involving our library planning experts, you will get a better idea of your user needs and pinpoint the low hanging fruit. We can create a holistic view of the entire library workflow.

Planting New Trees in the Clouds

Choosing Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD to program your digital library system will help increase library use. Study outcomes include: increased funding, improved organization chart, job descriptions and workflow. We can ensure you achieve the results your team desires.

Digital Asset Library Planning involves people, processes and technology. Our digital asset management consultants are experts in all three. CONTACT LIBRARY CONSULTANT