Library Planning Research

Planning the Next Generation Public Library

Expanding the public library’s service model is a challenge for any community (see woodstock public library). We understand it is a challenge of our time, requiring new strategies for success.

Public Libraries are poised to play a leading role in the 21st century workspace. Many libraries are already providing places for laptop campers; furniture vendors are also driving new ideas for collaboration and seating areas that are flexible.

The Woodstock Public Library project is an example of the constant feedback required for a successful assessment and implementation of a library renovation project. We worked with the community for six months to help re-envision what is takes to create a modern library and what is required to ensure access to knowledge that is even expanding, requiring new library space planning methods.

No longer nice to have, we explored storage systems to help the library develop a sustainable model for the friends group. This extra income will help with programming, staff and volunteer functions. Driving the development for the new public library model including storage. We need to make our libraries spaces for people while we provide books. Public libraries have a proven track record distributing books and knowledge resources. We need to ensure they can continue to provide access to knowledge that will inspire the young and continue of the path of learning for the older folks, because the libraries fundamental people, place and platform assets enable the community to grow.