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Healthcare Libraries Support the Mission

Over the centuries, the hospital library has evolved as part of a mechanism for providing a service to doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. Healthcare is a data intensive organization that needs to stress and flex with any type of health care emergency. Digital asset management is not a luxury, the healthcare libraries provide information services in times of need.

We need funds to invest in the healthcare library at this time, including support for the development and delivery of pop up hospitals to be housed in community meeting spaces and convention centers throughout the country. This should include a digital library workflows to support patients, nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals – HCP’s.

Our vision is to increase the support for healthcare professionals by providing updated libraries including data analysis support for healthcare professionals. This initiative will help teams reconcile differences of opinion on alternative methods and expand access to the internet of things (See Columbia University Librarians use 3D printers make masks). This includes data analysis and service delivery methods using library management systems.

We need to establish a more objective foundations for our healthcare teams. They need help to manage this crisis in real time. Healthcare libraries can bridge the gap with digital asset management systems.


To overcome any short comings, the development of the healthcare library services will require an expansion of digital information systems investments. The management and programming can help manage outcomes by improving access to healthcare information and analysis.

We understand that this type of planning will require an experienced team to build a communications system. We also know that Healthcare libraries are unfunded and often solo librarians. They need support to help our communities, providing access to healthcare library services to support healthcare professionals (HCP) in the time of need.

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD – Library Consultants