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Resolve to Update Your Library in 2019

As time and technology advance, a library must keep pace with community needs. It may be time to develop a strategic or master plan, or to undertake a review and redesign to modernize a space. ACA can leverage our decades of experience to guide stakeholders through the process and ensure a good outcome.

The first step is to look at existing space and services.  What services are offered—or not offered? What needs to be added? What needs to be left behind?

To make these decisions, we focus on future needs, such as social collaboration, reference and technology access. Then, we develop a program and design that will meet these needs, following a timeline and phases with specific milestones.

ACA will work with you to:

  • Review existing conditions: space, service and staff.
  • Consider future needs and ways to fill in the gaps: more collaborative space? Fewer print titles? More programming rooms?
  • Develop a program and design to meet the needs and modernize the space.

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